Sunday, July 31, 2011

Burning The Midnight Oil

Who would have thought that getting ready for a boutique would be a little bit like planning a wedding?!  This is how I felt last night when I looked at the table to see all the tags I had made.  

Planning, ORGANIZING, Cutting, sTaMpInG, writing, TYING, & pinning.

 This morning when I woke up, my hands were definitely letting me know that I had been busy last night because I experienced another verb--CRAMPING! Oh well, in the end it was all worth it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Beginning...

Buttons, buttons, and more delightful unique buttons.  Glass, plastic, old, used, fabric, felt, small and shinny--antique buttons, all jumbled together in this tin, just waiting to be plucked out and reused for a sewing masterpiece!  The only question is, "Where to begin? Which button should I use first?  How do I pick?"

Tonight I am attempting to answer that question as I am beginning a new adventure that I have been dreaming about and thinking about for the past year with my sewing.  I am starting my own blog site. A place where I can share my love of sewing and creative renditions with others who love and appreciate the same things!  So, just like these buttons, all packed tightly together in this tin, so are my ideas, and I am finally ready to dig in and begin.  Luckily I love all my buttons, so no matter where I begin, it will be a great place to start...