Monday, February 20, 2012

Crib Skirt

I know I said I was going to post a "Tutorial" on how to make a crib skirt, but I discovered about half way through this project that once I got started, I was not very good about stopping to take pictures!  I think I get was too excited when I saw the vision actually coming to life. So, I hope you are not disappointed, but instead here are some steps that went into this fun creation.

On Sale: Bonus!
Wash and dry sheet, then lay out on cutting table.  You can also use a print or plain fabric, but I found this sheet on sale and felt it would do the trick perfectly.  Make sure you have measured your crib length, width, and height.  

Ever have trouble making sure your hems are perfect? Try this trick:  Use a piece of card stock measure out your hem allowance on the paper.  Then fold the fabric up to the line on the paper and iron.  Simple and consistent!  

Below you will see to 1/4 in lines. The fist line is for the first fold, and the second is for the second fold.  So, this crib skirt had a 1/2 double folded hem.   

Stitch hem in place

You can make the skirt cover the entire bottom of the crib or just do three sides, as seen here.

Once I had the three pieces cut and the hems sewn, I got a little excited and forgot to take pictures!  So below you will see the appliqued owls I did.

Love the bright eyes

Sequences and hand stitching around edges

love this big guy

I used a small piece of leather to make the branch under the three little owls.

Finished Product 

The crib skirt was made for my cousin who is due in March :) I can't wait for that little man to arrive.