Friday, August 17, 2012

The Grandview Bag

So about 7 months ago my dear friend Jenny saw this fabulous bag on Pinterest and pinned it. Since then, we have been planning on getting together to make it and yesterday was finally the day.....or at least the start!

bag to make with Jenny
The Grandview Bag

We started our journey at a local fabric store, in hopes of finding similar colors and textures for this beautiful and unique fall style bag. After intense exploring, brainstorming about future projects, and a few hours shopping, we made it back to my house.  

Here's the fabric Jenny found for her bag.  Love the mustard color velvet (almost an exact match) and deep purple interior for the lining.

Jenny threading the machine

Since the shopping trip took some time, and then cutting the fabric also took awhile, we didn't get a chance to get too far on the project.  Jenny was able to sew the strap for her handle but that was it for the day. It actually worked out nice because I had never made the bag before and wanted to have a chance to practice the pattern before we went full force.  It's one thing to mess up on your own work, but not my style to ruin someones project :)  

In fact, I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more fabric during the trip, but I couldn't help myself---why not make a Grandview Bag (to practice on of course *wink, wink) for myself?  You learn the tricks of the pattern that way, right?!  

After Jenny left I went to work.  Here's the completed project.

one of the things that makes this bag so elegant and lovely is the combination of pleats and ruffles

vintage looking silk interior and magnetic snap closure

The bag turned out and was a lot of fun to complete.  I am glad I had a chance to try the pattern and there are a few things I would change the second time and for when Jenny makes hers.  One, the should strap was a bit long.  I should have measured the length before I sewed it up, but I was so excited to see the final product that I just stitched her up.  The length isn't bad, but about 2 inches shorter on each side would be good.  Also, I didn't have to use as much fabric for the pleats or ruffles as I thought, so I could have saved some fabric for a coin purse or wristlet.  Overall, it turned out great and I can't wait to see how beautiful Jenny's will look!  I love her fall colors. 

***Boutique Update***

I am in the process of finalizing a place and date for the upcoming boutique.  Right now I can tell you it will take place this fall, which will be great for holiday shopping.  Also, stay tuned for pictures of items that will be available.  I have been so busy sewing and just enjoying the summer that I haven't had a chance to take pictures of everything! 
 It's coming.....