Friday, August 26, 2011

Unexpected Late Night Finds

Nothing is better than finding a steal when you least expect it!  Last night this happened for me.  My husband decided that he wanted to take a trip to one of his [few] but favorite stores: The Electric Fetus. He loves to dig through the volumes and volumes of old vinyl records and cds, looking for his "hidden gems."  

I decided to tag along. {Thank Goodness}

Immediately upon entering this was the first things that caught my eye.

Of course....being way too excited about the simple things, I was in love with this little, amazing book and had to have it! :)

The author, Melody Fortier begins by explaining some basic information about what exactly is VINTAGE and how can you define it.  I have often wondered this myself.  You hear words tossed around all the time such as antique, rEtRo, and Vintage, but what is the difference?  Is there a difference?  I have to admit myself that I have misused these terms in the past.  But before I get to this, I think it is worth the time to talk about why this term appeals to so many.

Melody sums it up best by stating:

                  For me [Melody] it began as a love of creating from textiles.
                       I found vintage to be a rich source for studying unique design, 
                       beautiful materials, and skillful techniques. Vintage also provides 
                       an intimate connection with our history, and element of nostalgia. 
                       It is a rare area of fashion where the person on the street creates 
                      the trends instead of following them. 

I believe Melody is right in the fact that Vintage does create "an element of nostalgia," and perhaps this is a part of why I love the textiles and clothing of the 40s, 50s, and as discussed in an early post on  New Inspirations, the fashion of the 60s. These styles share the history of strong women.  Women who experienced the depression, faced war, endured stereo types of what a woman should or shouldn't be.  These women knew how to work hard and understood the value and beauty {not necessarily physical} of how a person carries themselves, their character, and the value of quality.  They were not afraid to change with the demands of a changing society, and simple things in fashion that are often overlooked today, such as hand-bound button holes, were things to be treasured.  

I realize in our busy world today there isn't always time to spend on these small elements of clothing, but I think these are SMALL THINGS that should always be Treasured and remembered. There is value in the concept that Good Things Sometimes Take Time! 

A good lesson for myself to remember :)  

So.....what does the term Vintage mean already! Melody Fortier sums up her definition of Vintage by stating "Fashions from the past that are worthy of resurrection."  You can see how understanding the history of clothing can help to define what this term means. What is worth bringing back in style.........and beliefs?

These are some big questions to ponder. Perhaps in a later post I will explore what I have found "worthy" of reviving and why, but until then.....

How about you?

What is your Enduring Style?!



Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thursday night was a success and it was wonderful to see so many faces!  Thank you all for coming and I hope you had a chance to visit, relax, snack a bit, and enjoy great company :) 

Please contact me if you have any questions or further inquiries.  

 Also, stay tuned for more upcoming fall products and fun finds!

Vintage Inspired Journal by Kate Meemken

My mom, (Mona) and me

Beautiful hand-made cards by Mona

Please contact Mona at if you are interested in purchasing cards.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boutique Day!

Just a few sneak peaks...

My husband loves our new dining room decorations! 
Tonight I am most looking forward to seeing family & friends 
                            who have supported and inspired me during the past few months.   

Thank you to everyone for your love and positive energy!  One of the greatest parts of this journey has been sharing that joy and passion of sewing with all of you :)

I will be sure to share more pictures of the evening in the days to come--so stay tuned!

Also, here are a few sneak peaks of some other artists who will have their work here tonight.

My Mom--and her beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade cards :) 

Kate Meemken--check her out! 
Steven Reed-Artist

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fabric Nerd?

Yes, you heard it correctly--"Fabric Nerd".  Yesterday evening while visiting with my family in Afton, my brother was reading my blog and afterward gave me this strange look and then said, "You're like.. a fabric nerd."  

Here is how the rest of the conversation went:

My reply, "What?!  I am not.             {me secretly thinking that I am--which isn't a bad thing *wink, wink}

His reply, "Yes, you are."
Me, "Well, that's not a bad thing--right?"

Him, (annoyed voice, but with a grin on his face) "Nooooo Nicole."

Him, "Make me something!"


Then today, I share this story with my husband who simply replies, "Well you are." Ah!  Defeated twice in two days! That's true family love for ya! Can anyone else relate?!  

I guess you do have to be some kind of a crazy person to ask for a dress form/mannequin for your birthday. 

Two more days until the boutique :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Inspiration!

Today, in between setting things up this weekend and putting the finishing touches on getting ready for the boutique, which is only 5 days away {so exciting!} I decided I needed a break. A chance to get out of the house and search out new inspirations. Yes, I can't believe I am saying that myself, but some time away from my creations can be a good thing!

So, I decided to go to a move: The Help.

  First off, I am not usually the type to read a book and then right away head to the theater to see how the movie does or does not match up to the novel; however, after reading the book and loving it, going to a movie was just the thing I needed!

Immediately after the movie started I was in a trance admiring the 60's attire many of the characters wore--and I am not talking about the mid to late 60's bell bottom pants and go-go boots {no offense to these lovely pieces, as they have served their place in time!}, but more of the Jacqueline Kennedy Pink Chanel Wool Suit look.  Many of the characters in the movie were clothed in wool  or heavyweight cotton fabrics that displayed simple, pastel, or geometric style prints.  There were also some splashy floral prints mixed in, but the overall outfits were amazing and very vintage looking.

Emma Stone, who plays the role of Ms. Skeeter in the book/movie, sports a classic wool suit.

Of course while I enjoyed the movie, my mind was also racing with ideas!  

"Hmmm, where could I find a cute pattern {or perhaps I could create one} to find these looks?!" 

"What an adorable skirt----I think I could make that......on second thought, maybe not!"

 "Is that tweed on that skirt?"  

"I should probably stop making things for me and maybe try something for my husband--like a shirt, or a toiletry bag, or....."  

                         "I wonder why people stopped wearing these styles?! Wait, do I need to remind myself how itchy wool is?"

Photos courtesy of:

Well, luckily tomorrow is a new day, filled with lots of time and energy to draft up creative ideas.  Plus, I guess I still have some time (approximately 16 days) before I go back to teaching!  

Ah--- until then, I will continue to admire the wide range of funky fabrics and vintage looks of the 60's.  My cotton/polyester, satin lined, Jackie Kennedy inspired coat will have to do.  Don't ya just love a good consignment shop find?!

                                                                                                             Coat: Cherie Boutique- Excelsior,  MN
                                                                                  Necklace: Vintage {Husband's Grandmother}


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Last year on Labor Day weekend--in between the boating, hiking, bonfires, relaxing, and eating of delicious foods, I had the chance to scavenger my aunt's upstairs attic.  What wonders we found!  Quilts, crafts, and.... buttons!  Here is a funny picture of me digging away in an old tin filled with antique buttons :) Ahhh, what a way to spend the day; such simple pleasures. I am sure I am not the only one who loves little finds like these.

I can't believe Labor Day is coming...I still have more sewing to do!