Monday, May 28, 2012

Empire Cinch

During this time of the year, I am always looking for something cute, yet simple to embellish my outfits with.  This empire cinch, made up of my favorite scraps was just the solution!  Bright colors and fun prints to remind me of SPRING.

This project was also very quick, easy, and fun to complete.  Tie it up higher for a a more empire fitted look, or wear it as a belt.  Depending on what you are wearing, maxi dress or blouse, you may want to tie it in front!  I also love this unique belt since it can be very flattering for soon-to-be mamas!

This belt if very functional since it can be two belts in one--wear the patchwork side or flip it over and enjoy the beautiful print.   I think I will make another one using cooler colors. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friends and Family Sewing

This month I have been working on a few special projects for friends and family.  Here's just a peek at a few :) 

Dog Training Jacket

A friend of ours has a beautiful German Shepherd that is working on socialization with other dogs and people. They asked if I could create something for their pup that would allow them to take her on walks and not have people always want to approach her.  She is friendly and very sweet, but gets nervous when people she doesn't know come up to her too quickly.  

I made this light weight water resistant vest out of Nylon.  The pattern was derived by tracing over another dog jacket and making modifications. Add some Velcro and letters and success! 

All Purpose Diaper Bag

With so many friends and family members either pregnant or recently adding a new little one to their family, I have had some time and experience working on projects for BABY.  I love this bright and colorful Diaper Bag! It is big enough to hold whatever you may need for baby and still looks trendy and appropriate for everyday use.  

Divider and pockets sewn in for organization.    

On-the-Go Changing Pad rolls up and is held inside bag with elastic loop

Nursing Cover